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Long Wait for His First Buck

EverettBy John Everett

-- My grandfather, Hubert Myers, passed away on May 16, 2006.

He was my best friend, hunting partner and mentor – the coolest 89-year-old kid you ever saw. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t try. 

I accompanied him in a deer blind long before I was old enough to shoot a gun myself. My young flame was fanned whenever he told stories of his trips to Colorado for elk and deer.

My grandfather and I had a couple of places to hunt, one in East Texas, the other in South Texas (after a job took me down there in 2002). I shot lots of does and hogs over the years, but, try as I might, I never even saw a buck from a stand.

I was 36 years old when I got my first bow in 2005. I looked forward to my first hunt with it for almost a year, and my grandfather was going to tag along when I christened it. But that didn’t happen.
I almost didn’t go though with my plans for late October 2006. Even when I decided to do it, I didn’t want to go to Dos Plumas Ranch alone. I invited my friend Mitchell from South Texas, who had accompanied us in the past. 

My guide, Alan, dropped me off at my stand before sunrise on Oct. 24 and told me he would see me at dark. As was my lot in life, I’d seen several does the previous day, but no bucks. And this day didn’t appear as if it was going to end any differently.

The evening light was cut short by an oncoming thunderstorm. With barely 30 minutes of daylight remaining, I started asking my grandfather to send a buck my way. Not long afterward, I heard a loud noise behind me and turned to see an 8- and a 10-pointer – the FIRST bucks I’d ever seen while hunting!

About 10 minutes after they ran through, I heard something else. This time, it was an 8-pointer and a forkhorn, turning toward me.

It took forever for the two bucks to get within 25 yards. I slowly drew back my bow. When the time was right, I took a deep breath, reminded myself to stay calm and aimed at the 4x4’s shoulder. The hit was solid!

I know without a doubt that my grandfather was there with me that night, as he is every time I go hunting.

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