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Letter to an Airman

Letter to an Airman

Nine-year-old's first deer story highlights mail call

Editor's Note: This story is an exact transcription of 9-year-old James Thompson Jr.'s handwritten letter to U.S. Airman Ryan Abney. 

Dear Ryan,


So heres what happened, first, we saw a six point then, we saw two does one bigger than the other. I told my dad I was nervous but he said, "Get back down there and shoot that deer." So I got down and looked through the scope. My dad asked me if I saw it and I said, "Yes." Then he told me to put the crosshairs on the deers shoulder so I did then I took the shot. My dad saw the small doe jump like ten feet in the air and he said, "NO!" because I shot the wrong one, but I said, "I don't care." And he laughed. He wanted to stay and shoot another one, but I said, "I'm broke, can't do it." Because I was shaking like a butt naked squirrel in an extreme winter. So I collapsed into my chair for a while then we went walk to the deer. When we got there my dad noticed it was a button-buck! He let out a groan, uggghhh! But we were excited anyway. We took it to the camp. I GOT BLOODED! YES! Mr. Rory pored the cup full of blood on my head. That was the best day of my life.

Letter to an AirmanI hope all is well where you are. Wish you could have been there to witness it. I'm sending pictures.

I know your busy, so you don't have to write back but if you get the chance you can send it in Maddie's letter to save stamps and envelopes. MISS YOU!

Your bud,

Message from James Thompson Sr. (J.T.'s father)

Dear Buckmasters,

I met Airman Ryan Abney's father, Marvin, in 2000 while working together. We forged a brother-from-another-mother type relationship, sharing similar hobbies, work ethics and belief in family.

Over the years, our families have gone on several outdoor trips together, and Airman Abney and J.T. quickly formed a special bond.

Airman Abney and his brother, Trey, always made sure young J.T. wasn't left out in the fun, bringing airsoft, paintball and pellet guns to camp so my son could be included.

Sadly, Airman Abney and J.T. didn't have an opportunity to hunt together before his deployment.

When my son got his first deer, Airman Abney was already serving our country, but from the moment J.T. squeezed the trigger, he couldn't wait to share his experience with Airman Abney.

I told J.T. to write Airman Abney a letter with a detailed account of the hunt. I never in my wildest dreams thought the letter would be so comical and touching!

When I read the letter, I knew it needed to be shared with Buckmasters fans.

James Thompson Sr.

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