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Late Season Gift

Howard AllenBy Howard Allen

-- My cousin, Randy, owns 25 acres in Ross County, Ohio. I have hunted there for the last two years, and I have seen a lot of deer on this property. However, none have been close enough for me to take a shot. I told Randy that we needed to put a stand at the top of a hill behind our two-man stand. My wife and I purchased the stand and then went to the property to mark some spots to place the stand.

Three weeks passed, and we put the stand up just before our gun season opened. The opening day was wet and miserable, so we decided to stay at home. The following day we were out in the woods. We heard shooting all around us, but we did not see any activity. The week dragged on with no success.

Then, Dec. 1, 2007, rolled around and for some reason I did not sleep well. I kept looking at the clock. Finally, I decided to get out of bed around 4 a.m. I turned on the television and found out it was 26 degrees. I dressed and headed outside to start the Jeep. As it warmed up, I wished my uncle was going hunting with me that day because he and my father were the ones who taught me how to hunt. As it was, he was staying at home to hang Christmas lights. My uncle and I have grown closer since my father passed away.

I made it to my treestand and was set up for the morning. By 9 a.m., I was starting to get cold and thought about going to the Jeep to warm up. I talked myself out of climbing down and waited another 30 minutes. I proceeded to turn and look over my right shoulder and then it happened - I noticed antlers and a big body. The fever immediately took hold!

I tried to calm myself by taking a few deep breaths. After I stopped shaking, I nestled my sights on the buck and it paused. I took the shot. The buck ran for 20 yards and dropped. I was amazed that I had just shot a nice buck. What an experience to harvest a 275-pound, 9-point buck.

Howard Allen
Obetz, Ohio

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