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Know What Is Around You

Tip of the Week
Sometimes we hunters overlook the simple things.

Maybe it’s because we get excited, or maybe we just get complacent. Other times we’re just not as sharp mentally as we should be.

As if your mental checklist wasn’t long enough, here’s another item to add to it this coming hunting season.

As you settle in to your treestand this year, take a minute to check your stand placement and what might be above your head.

You always check your shooting lanes for clearance right? Well, many hunters get in the stand and never look up to see if something might cause a problem in the event of a shot opportunity.

It almost sounds too simple, but it’s easy to set up a lock-on or ascend in a climber and never put your back to the tree and attempt to draw a bow or aim a gun. It’s amazing just how many things suddenly appear where they weren’t noticed before you actually tried to take a shot.

The time to discover a hidden limb, a knot that bumps your elbow or a leafy branch that shakes and draws attention is not when you’re about to take a shot at a trophy buck.

Often, moving the stand a few degrees around a tree or a few inches lower will allow you ample clearance for obstructions, but you won’t know about them unless you simulate a shot from every possible position.

Be safe, but make sure you have plenty of room to make your shot count.

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