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Kentucky deer season ends with 2 all-time archery records

From the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

-- Kentucky's 2010-11 white-tailed deer season ended over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend with archers posting two all-time harvest records.
"There was a record set for the month of January-2,683 deer-and for the season-16,636 deer," according to David Yancy, a wildlife biologist with the deer program for the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "What this tells me is there are plenty of deer out there."
Archery hunters harvested 413 antlerless deer and 253 antlered bucks over the holiday weekend.
For the overall 2010-2011 deer season, hunters reported taking 110,356 deer. Male deer made up nearly 54 percent of the harvest while female deer comprised about 46 percent.
Modern firearms hunters took 79,020 deer while archers harvested 16,636.  Muzzleloader hunters checked in 13,179 deer and crossbow hunters 1,521 deer.
"The hunters I talked with during the last week of bow season said they were seeing deer in the evenings," said Don Bailey, president of the United Bowhunters of Kentucky. "Deer started moving more over the weekend when the weather broke."
During late season, deer often concentrate on a food source such as standing corn or a green field of winter wheat. "With all the cold and snowy weather we've had this month, deer were moving around in search of food," Yancy said. "That makes them more visible to hunters."

Archers typically buck hunt early in the season and then concentrate on female deer as the season comes to a close.
For Kentucky's most avid deer hunters, the sport is a year-round passion. That's why so many hunters, especially archers, begin scouting in post-season before the woods leaf out in the spring. It's a good time to learn more about a hunting area. The leaves are off the trees, the ground is soft or snow-covered making it easy to find tracks, deer trails and bedding areas.

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