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Keep a Success Kit!

Keep a Success Kit!

By Leslie Proctor

Hunters spend countless hours, thousands of dollars and endless effort packing gear for scouting, climbing, shooting and hunting.

We also work hard to pack proper clothing, cameras, optics, archery, firearm equipment, climbing gear, calls and more hunting gadgets than we can name.

One thing we often overlook is packing things we need when we are actually successful.

Take a look in your backpack. Is a skinning or gutting knife all you’ve packed for the moment when you fill your tag?

My tip is to be prepared for success at all times and truly believe you will be successful.

I carry a kit, either in my vehicle or back pack, containing baby wipes or antibacterial hand wipes, an extra flashlight with fresh batteries, rope, a trash bag, a bottle of water, latex gloves and, of course, a sharp knife.

Having these essential items consolidated and within easy access for field dressing and tracking deer keeps you from making a time-wasting drive to get them, risking meat spoilage or giving scavengers time to find your precious venison.

Keep a lantern or battery-powered spotlight in your vehicle throughout hunting season; it’ll come in handy on evenings when you have to trail a deer in the dark.

Save precious time by bringing along items you need in the field after your shot finds its mark. Your hunting partners will pat you on the back when the time comes to track or field dress your deer, and you pull a pre-packed kit from your back pack.

Editor’s Note: I’ve carried a pack similar to this for many years and also suggest you bring a small camera at all times. Not a smart phone, mind you, but a real digital camera that takes quality photos. Often my best shots come when the deer is still fuzzy and fresh, and I didn’t wait until I got home to take pictures.

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