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It's Time To Put Your Buck To Bed

Whitetail Deer
Knowing where deer bed down for the day is one of the keys to finding the right place to set up a stand. Unfortunately, you can really mess up your hunting chances if you disturb a bedding area any time close to hunting season.

Deer usually choose a bedding area that is thick, offers shelter, and gives them a chance to see and hear danger coming. It's almost impossible to sneak into a bedding area.

That's why right now is a good time to locate bedding areas on your hunting land. With the leaves still off the trees, you'll be able to see more.

Check Out Our Video TipsYou'll also be able to work your way into the thick stuff. Trails are more apparent, and with hunting season still many months away, it doesn't matter if you spook the deer. Also keep an eye out for shed antlers.

If you have a map (and you should, even if you draw it yourself), outline the bedding area and note any landmarks that will help you identify when you're getting close to it in the fall. Remember that the woods will look very different come September and October. When you head to the woods in the fall, you'll want to get close to the bedding area without disturbing it. When you find an ambush point between the bedding area and feeding area, you're well on your way to filling your tag.

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