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It's About Time!

Adam Webster

Father and son succeed during 2012 Kentucky Youth Hunt

By Adam Webster

I am 11 years old and I've been hunting with my dad and grandpa since I was about three years of age.

Last year, for my birthday, I got a .243 rifle. The next day my dad talked with some friends of his who agreed to let us hunt on their property in central Kentucky.

We've hunted there for about two years now, but all we'd seen were does and spikes.

The week before Kentucky's youth hunt, my mom, grandparents, sisters and I went to Columbus, Ohio, to visit for Christmas while my dad was working.

But on Saturday night, my dad called my mom and told her he wanted to hunt the last day of the youth hunt. My mom talked to my grandparents about it, and they said we could leave early enough for us to make it back in time.

I was so excited about hunting with my dad because I hadn't seen him for a whole week!

That morning we got up early, ate and left. It took us three hours to get home.

When we got there, my dad was ready and it was snowing pretty hard, so I got dressed in my camo quickly. We put the gun and backpack in the truck and left.

We got to our hunting spot at about 2:30 p.m. and unloaded our stuff, then walked across a field. 

Two does were in the pasture, keeping a good eye on us, so we went around them, down a hill and into the brush where they couldn't see us as we headed to our stand.

Adam WebsterWe finally got to our spot, sat down, loaded the gun carefully and sprayed some buck lure all around us. Then, a big gush of wind blew the spray back in our face, and it smelled very bad!

My dad and I looked around a little, and soon, those same two does came close to us, then bolted away. 

We thought they might have smelled or seen us, but that wasn't what spooked them.

At about 3:58 p.m., I was about to fall asleep, but just when my eyes were about to close, I thought I saw a doe approaching, but it wasn't a doe. It was a HUGE buck! 

It got its antlers stuck in some brush and shook its head violently until they got unstuck. 

I tapped my dad to get his attention, and he said, "What is it?"

I whispered, "There's a big buck right there!"

He pulled his binoculars to his face and said, "Where is it?"

I said, "It's right THERE!"

Then he said, "I can't see it, but when you get a clear shot, take it."

The buck was angled straight at us, but finally turned broadside where I could get a shot.

I lined the sight on the heart area, pushed the safety up, making sure to breathe slowly and carefully.

I was shaking all over, but slowly moved my finger toward the trigger, then pulled it. BANG!

Smoke was all around, but when it cleared I saw the buck lying there. It was mine!

Hunting Stories Wanted!We got up and walked over to it, and I was still shaking all over.

I grabbed my buck by the antlers and smiled for a picture.

My dad hugged me and said, "I think this is the biggest buck I've ever seen!"

I then grabbed my buck by the feet to help drag it while my dad pulled it by the antlers. It took us 30 minutes to drag that monster to the side of the hill.

My dad said, "Stay here and guard the deer while I go to get the four-wheeler. And don't let anything take him!"

He returned with the four-wheeler and we tied the buck on. We were ready to leave, but there was a problem. It was really muddy where we came in, and the four-wheeler wouldn't go up the hill. We tried a different way and eventually got out.

We drove back across the field and loaded the four-wheeler, then the buck, onto the back of our truck.

We stopped to thank my dad's friends for letting us hunt on their property, and we left with my first big buck!

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