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It'll wait for Dad

Michael Golden

Son won't approach BBD until ailing father arrives

By Michael Golden

After 25 years of hunting with my father, Ronny, and the two of us trying to take a big buck while hunting together, I finally got the big one.

My stand overlooked a small, planted cutover strip in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. I was getting ready to pack up and leave when suddenly, someone fired a shot in the distance. A buck raised its head in the cutover near the green strip. If it wasn't for that shot, I'd have never seen that deer.

I determined it was dandy 8-pointer, standing about 70 yards away. Whenever it raised its head, antlers gleamed in the sunlight. I knew it was a good one.

I didn't know just how good until later when I found out it was a 140-incher.

For a few moments after the shot sounded, the buck stood and looked around, then resumed feeding. My eyes stayed glued to it the entire time.

Michael GoldenIt was positioned at an awkward angle with its head down and facing me. All I had was a shot at the spine, just above the shoulders. After waiting a while longer, I decided to take the only shot I had.

The buck fell right there, not moving. The 165-grain .30-06 bullet had done its job!

I called my father and told him to hurry over because I had a big buck down. It was difficult to wait so long, but I was shaking too bad to get down anyway.

I refused to approach my buck until my dad arrived so we could go together. I wanted him to be with me for this moment.

Dad has a vascular disease that affects his kidneys. Because of his treatments, venturing outdoors or going hunting is a hit-or-miss proposition. That's why I wanted to share the recovery of this special buck with him.

Fortunately, this was one of the rare days we were able to get out together. My father taught me everything I know about hunting, so it was only right to wait for him.

When Dad arrived, we went to the high-racked 8-pointer. It was only my father and I in the middle of the woods looking at this giant, and we both just broke down. I hope this isn't my last year to get to hunt with him.

The night before, my mother told me that my dad had been saying a prayer for me to get a good one.

Thank you, Dad. Your prayer was answered!

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