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It is HOT out here!

Tip of the Week
Early season bowhunting in most any state, especially the South can be HOT. Hot in terms of good deer movement and the temperatures. Sometimes it’s impossible to get to your stand without working up a pretty good sweat.

There are lots of great scent-elimination products on the market to help destroy odor on your skin, but they won't do much for sweat-drenched clothing. When you're getting ready to head out wear something light to your stand. Once you get there and before you are settled in place, remove the sweaty clothing and place it in a scent-free plastic bag.

Use your favorite human scent-elimination product and then put on some dry, clean camo from your pack and head up to your stand. Give this tip a try and see if it helps your early season bow hunts.

Reader Tip of the Week: "Scent Control"
Reader Tip of the Week:Scent control is an important aspect of hunting if you consistently want to harvest a mature deer. A simple method that does not require much money is to wash your body with baking soda. Body odor is caused by bacteria that feeds on our secretions. Baking soda will slow down the growth of bacteria and also neutralize our scent. I also wash my hunting clothes with baking soda and sprinkle some in my shoes. By following these procedures and paying attention to the wind, deer are less likely to smell us. I have followed these methods for over 30 years and it really works! -- John / Alabama

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