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In-Woods Plot Plants

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"Last week we had the most common food plot question. This week we feature the second most posed query.

QUESTION: What seed do you recommend for planting in shaded woods for spring, summer & fall? I can’t get a tractor to the plot, and it is only about 20x30. — Jim D.

In-Woods Plot Plants

ANSWER: I suggest you go one of two ways: The easiest would be to plant some type of perennial clover mix, which is often what loggers and road crews plant, anyway. That way you can get several years of growth with minimal effort. The second option would be to plant one of the throw-and-grow commercial blends designed for small, low-maintenance plots. In most cases they are rapid growing annuals. If planted at the right time (see instructions for your plant hardiness zone) they’ll reach peak nutrition and attractiveness during hunting season. However, you’ll have to replant every year.

In either case, make sure you complete a soil test and follow directions for lime and fertilizer. It will also help if you can turn up the soil, either with a tiller or ATV disc. And it wouldn’t hurt if you could do a little trimming to let some more sunlight hit the ground.

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