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In The Eye Of The Beholder

By Karen Tillman

-- I want to share an amazing deer hunting story about George Gray, a blind gentleman who lives in Cleveland, Texas. He has been totally blind most of his adult life, but he doesn't let that stop him from doing things that he needs or wants to do.

He has a wonderful wife, Bette, who is there to assist him with virtually anything. My pastor, Ralph Castro, is the one who took Mr. Gray to the gun range and set him up practicing at targets.

It took some time for George to master hitting the target. In time, George really got the hang of shooting. Once he was ready to shoot, my husband, Art Tillman, took George and Ralph to his deer lease in west Texas. The hunt happened to take place during a bitter November cold front. Just being able to go on the hunt was enough to fulfill George's desire to hunt.

My husband knew that the deer should be moving. Art had the video camera set up on the feed pen. On the other side of them an 8-point buck appeared out in the open and was headed toward the deer stand. Art and Ralph helped George sit down and ready his gun in the window. Ralph sat behind George and guided him on where to aim.

Keep in mind the only person holding the gun was George. When he had the barrel of the gun lined up on the buck, Ralph told the sightless hunter to take the shot.

Following the shot, Art informed George that he just harvested a buck worthy of the wall. George thought they were pulling his leg. He didn't believe he really got it. So they got out of the stand and had George straddle over the back of the deer and take a hold of his antlers.

He was extremely excited! Our church family had the buck mounted. Ralph and Art then presented the trophy to George during our Christmas Eve service.

While it truly amazing that George took an 8-point buck with a shotgun, the most noteworthy part of the story is that two friends were willing to take the time to help make a dream come true and share the outdoors with a friend.

Make the most of every opportunity you have in life.

Art and Karen Tillman, Porter, Texas
George Gray, Cleveland, Texas

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