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Bill Ullrich

By Mike Handley

The Land of a Bearded Daniel Day-Lewis yielded several 200-plus-inchers in 2012, and many of them will appear next fall in RACK magazine. One of the finest was arrowed in Peoria County by Bill Ullrich of Washburn, Ill.

Had the 53-year-old, veteran bowhunter stuck to his original plan on Oct. 26, the nearly 240-inch buck might still be living. Had Bill's son, Matt, also been able to leave work early that day, his might be the grin behind this fabulous whitetail.

But Bill was bowhunting alone that Friday afternoon, and he chose to head to a different spot almost as soon as he parked his truck. The hunt concluded less than an hour later.

He had his choice of two food plots in the little valley he hunts. His Plan B involved taking a climbing stand to a half-acre turnip and clover patch where he'd taken five bucks in the past.

Bill was 24 feet aloft by 2:45. As soon as he cooled down enough to shrug into his coat, three does came in, fed, and then bedded down about 60 yards from his stand. A fourth doe arrived alone (but mindful of her backtrail) 15 minutes later.

This buck was next, about 10 minutes after the doe left. It foolishly walked with 35 yards of Bill's tree.

Father and son recovered the 31-pointer at the crack of dawn on Saturday. It had gone about 70 yards.

Stay tuned for more Illinois bruisers!

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douglas dorff
# douglas dorff
Saturday, February 02, 2013 8:44 PM
wow!! monster!! i'd be smiling too! congrats!

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