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Immediately tagging deer is a must for Arkansas hunters

From the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

-- It is easy for Arkansas hunters to remember the rule for putting a tag on any deer they take: Tag the deer immediately.

Arkansas hunters must tag deer before moving it, before calling a hunting buddy and asking for help to get the deer back to a vehicle. The Commission tells hunters to tag the deer before pulling out a cell phone and checking it under the new Arkansas Game and Fish Commission checking system.

Tag the deer before you pull out a package of cheese crackers and open a can of cola, the Commission advises hunters. If the deer runs a few yards and falls in a creek, tag it right there, then drag it out.

The tag on a deer that is taken by a hunter is a key component if the Arkansas wildlife system. There is no wiggle room, no escape clause for breaking the rule.

Simply put, a wildlife officer who finds a hunter with a deer that does not have a tag will do two things – write a citation on the spot and confiscate the deer. That citation carries a costly court penalty, and the confiscated deer will go to Hunters Feeding the Hungry or a similar program.

After tagging a deer, hunters must use the AGFC’s new Telecheck system to check the deer by calling toll free (877) 507-4263. The new system replaces the check stations that were used for decades.

For over-65 hunters or  younger than 16 hunters, keep the number in your billfold. The number is in the AGFC’s Hunting Guidebook,  and is also on the game tags in the Guidebook. For others with wildlife conservation licenses or sportsmen’s licenses, the number also can be found on hunting license tags.

Checking of deer can be done two ways – the call to (877) 507-4263 or online at When a hunter is  finished checking your game, he or she will be given a check number that must be recorded on the license, so keep a pen or pencil ready.

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