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If You Have To Ask, The Answer is "NO!"

Whitetail Deer
We've all heard horror stories of wounded deer, and bowhunters in particular are prone to be the subject of these sad tales. The real statistics show that wounded deer are far less common than stories indicate, but a common theme of many of these stories is that the shooter took an "iffy" shot -- maybe the distance was a little too far or maybe the shooting window wasn't clear.

It doesn't matter. There's one simple way to know if you should hold that shot and let the deer walk: If there is ANY doubt in your mind whatsoever, don't shoot. It's that simple.

Check Out Our Video TipsWe all can get caught up in the excitement, so listen to yourself and watch for these key thoughts: "I wonder if it's too far?"; "I think I can get a shot through there"; "If I don't shoot now I won't get another chance"; etc. Unless you're thinking, "This deer is mine," let him walk. If you haven't spooked him, he'll be back and you'll have a chance on another day.