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If You Can’t Beat ’Em ...

HibbsBy Carey M. Hibbs

-- My husband has been hunting throughout the 10 years we’ve been married, but he really got serious about it over the last four years.

This caused many fights in our house. We own two businesses and have three children, and his leaving for weeks at a time really got on my nerves.

Since I couldn’t get him to stop hunting so much, I decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So for my birthday (the rut is usually the week of my birthday), we compromised. I agreed to one of his many trips as long as I could join him and got to hunt first (he was my cameraman).

I had been practicing on wild hogs where we live in Florida, so I wasn’t totally unprepared, although 30 degrees in Kentucky in a tree stand did take some getting used to. On Thursday, Nov. 8, we went out on my first hunt, and I was lucky enough to take my first doe with my Mathews bow. I couldn’t believe it! I made a perfect "goody box" shot, and the doe dropped about 40 yards out.

I was truly content, and thought if trip ended with no buck, I would still be happy. The next day, we were in another stand for about 30 minutes, and two does came charging out of the woods. I knew a buck would be not far behind. (I’d watched every hunting show possible to become well-educated!) Sure enough, a nice 8 pointer came out of the woods.

I grabbed my bow, closed my eyes, said a prayer, opened my eyes, pulled back my bow, and released.

Even though I knew I hit him, I asked my husband at least 10 times if the arrow stuck and the shot was good. We waited for a couple of hours to be sure. The buck was down! I still can’t believe I took doe and a buck on my first deer hunt, and with archery gear to boot! The best part was that I was the only one at camp to get a deer that weekend.

The buck scored 120 2/8 and weighed 205 pounds. Not too shabby!

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