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Ice Chest = Scent-free Storage

Ice Chest = Scent-free Storage

By Warren Virgets of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

With all the time, money and effort hunters spend trying to keep clothes scent-free, we usually end up storing them in something that isn't even airtight.

Those large, plastic storage tubs with lids that we shove our clothes into certainly aren't airtight. Neither are garbage bags. In fact, if you stick your hunting clothes into a scented garbage bag, you might as well spray yourself down with perfume before you head to the treestand.

I've found a cheap, plastic ice chest works very well for keeping my clothes scent-free, especially chests with lock-down lids.

Before I put my clothes into the chest, I like to spray them with either an attractant or a scent-killer.

I always make sure my clothes dry completely before putting them in the chest, because wet clothes will mildew, and mildew stinks.

Check Out Our Video Tips!Some hunters like to store clothes with naturally scented items. I imagine it would be a good idea to throw in a bag of pine needles, grass, cedar chips or whatever grows naturally in your area.

A box of baking soda would be a good idea too. Choose the fridge and freezer soda boxes with the flow-through vents that prevent soda spillage.

Handles on an ice chest make transporting, lifting and carrying the clothes much easier than the tub-style containers.

If your ice chest is brand new, use baking soda and water to flush away the new plastic smell. Let it sit, then drain it and place it in the sun for a couple of days, allowing it to dry and air out. Now you're good to go!