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I Am Glad I Waited

By Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis

I had been hunting for almost two weeks during Iowa’s youth season and had seen only does and little bucks. I was waiting for the big one, but I was running out of time. It’s hard for an 8-year-old to be patient, but I was doing my best.

Getting frustrated, I went to the expert. Mrs. Doe Pee (Judi Collora) is my Grandma. I told her I needed some good stuff; I needed the deer to find me this time. Grandma told me to take some Pure doe pee, and the big one would smell it.

Dad and I went out again that afternoon. It was about 58 degrees and was the last day of youth season. We used a drag rag, which we took about 40 yards past our stand, circled back and got set up. Finally, at last light of the day, we saw a 10-point buck come out of the cornfield. He was behind the stand and stopped about 50 yards away.

Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis passed on several small bucks before taking this 10-pointer with a muzzleloader on the last day of Iowa's 2007 youth deer season.

I could tell he smelled the doe pee because he had his nose up, and his neck was stretched out into the air. I tried to turn since he was behind me. I grabbed my muzzleloader and rested it on the back of the treestand. I think I was making too much noise, and Dad didn’t think I would get off a shot in time. But the deer was still busy smelling the doe pee in the air.

I aimed my gun, clicked off the safety and slowly squeezed the trigger. All the smoke blew into Dad’s face because the wind was blowing that way. Then, right away, I saw my buck fall to the ground.

We waited for a little while to see if it would move, but it didn’t. Dad and I got out of the stand and walked up about 10 yards away from the buck. He told me to shoot again to finish it off. We waited about 5 more minutes and then walked up to the buck. I felt good, and Dad was proud of me. All I could think was how good that doe pee worked. We walked back to the truck, took off our Scent-Lok and drove down to where the buck was, tagged it and loaded it up. Man, it was heavy!

Subscribe Today! I felt awesome all the way back to town — my first buck was a 10-pointer! I was so glad I didn’t take one of those basket bucks I had seen earlier. I knew Grandma and Poppo (Sam Collora) would be proud of me. I couldn’t wait to call Mom, Poppo, Grandma and Uncle Rod so they could come see my buck and take pictures. The next day, we took pictures again in the daylight. Poppo guessed it would score 137 inches, and guess what? He scored 137 inches! Poppo is good at that. I told Grandma thanks for the Mrs. Doe Pee Pure buck lure. That stuff is like magic!

This article was published in the August, 2008 edition of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine. Join today to have Buckmasters delivered to your home.

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