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How important to the deer is the pond on my hunting property?

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: I live in Cherokee County, AL. There is a small pond in a stand of pines on our property. I have seen good signs that deer use this water source. The pond is in the middle of a route the deer use going to a green field. My question is: would this small pond be of importance in the early season and on into the rut, which around our county is December?
- Jesse H.

Ask the Biologist

ANSWER: Yes. Good luck.

.....Oh, you wanted more? Indeed, your pond could be very important, particularly given the circumstances you describe. Water is a key, and an often overlooked element in the whitetails’ habitat and daily routine. Even in the best of times and conditions they’ll visit water sources on a regular basis.

Water becomes more important as conditions become less favorable. Early in the season temperatures are warm, especially in the south, and deer will actively seek out water sources, often en route to and from feeding areas. They may also bed nearby, and visit periodically throughout the day.

The rut is also a stressful period and in the heat of chasing both bucks and does can become dehydrated. Water again becomes very important, possibly even more important than food. The relative importance of your pond, or any water source depends on the number, size and proximity of other water sources.

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