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How Important Is Camouflage?

Whitetail DeerJust how important is camouflage? After all, weren't hunters taking deer long before fancy camouflage became all the rage?

The answer is that camouflage is very important to today's hunters, largely because so many hunters are using shorter-range weapons, and also because shrinking woodlands have created more pressured deer. So not only does a modern bowhunter have to get within 20 or so yards of a deer, but he also has to stay hidden from a deer that is used to watching for humans.

Since deer don't see colors the way we do, the key to staying invisible is to break up your outline. In other words, it's not so much the color of your camouflage that is important, but how well it blends in to your surroundings. Modern camouflage, with its high definition capability, adds visual layers. 3-D camo takes that concept even farther. But the key is to choose a pattern that fits well with the surroundings you hunt most often.

Check Out Our Video TipsAnd to really make your setups effective, give your camouflage some help. Use existing branches and leaves to help break up your outline, or add some if there aren't any there. The more you help your camouflage do its job and take away that human outline, the harder it will be for a deer to lock on to you, even if it's on alert.

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