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How High is High Enough?

-- One of the most common questions we receive here at Buckmasters is, "How high do I need to climb in order to go undetected by deer?" The answer depends on a variety of factors, including terrain and cover, weapon being used and hunting pressure in the area.

As a general rule, somewhere between 20 and 30 feet is usually high enough to harvest a deer.  But height is not the key to a good setup. Good cover both behind the hunter and between the hunter and the deer is the key to defeating a deer's eyesight. It's a tricky balance to have enough front cover and enough shooting lanes; but if you have to choose, err on the side of too much cover. It's better to go undetected and not take a shot than to get "busted."

As far as smell, being up high helps, but wind drafts will still carry your scent. Pay attention to prevailing winds and try to set up downwind of where you expect to see deer.

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