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Honeymoon in Camo!

Honeymoon in Camo!

New bride quickly takes to the family sport

By Brandon Mosher

My wife Sunny and I got married last October. Before our marriage, she had no experience with hunting whatsoever.

Since I'd grown up in an outdoors family and hunting is a huge part of our lives, I wanted to take my new bride to shoot my .22-250 as soon as possible. My goal was to teach her about firearms and safety before letting her decide for herself if she wanted to hunt, too.

Before our wedding, Sunny had never fired a gun, but she quickly proved to be a marksman. When we shot targets, her first shot was only a half-inch from the bulls-eye. What a natural!

When November and deer season arrived, we took the entire season off. That's not saying much, because the Minnesota firearm season only lasts two weeks. We hadn't gone on our honeymoon yet, so this was the perfect opportunity to take some time off.

When we headed to our family farm in Middle River, Sunny still wasn't sure if she wanted to shoot a deer.

On the fourth morning of our hunt, I spotted a mature doe being chased by a nice buck.

I allowed the doe to walk past and continue on its way to another field. The buck was shortly behind it.

The buck somehow spotted me, but while it was turning to run, I shot it quickly. It dropped in its tracks - a 10-pointer!

Immediately, I turned to Sunny and told her we should track the doe as soon as possible because it should still be out in the field.

We quietly crawled our way about 75 yards down to a trail at the entrance of the field. The doe was still there. It suddenly poked its head up, and we stopped crawling.

When the doe went back to grazing, I prepared Sunny to get into position for a shot.

I got down on my hands and knees, and my wife steadied the .270 on my back.

She was breathing heavily, so I told her to calm down a little and try to get her breathing under control. Then I told her to relax and shoot when she felt ready and steady.

Thirty long seconds passed before she pulled the trigger.

After the shot, the doe ran about ten feet and dropped. Sunny was so thrilled, and I was so proud!

We are forever bonded by marriage and by the experience of being together when Sunny took her first deer.

I have hunted with my family since I was born, and now my wife and I have started our own family tradition, too. What great first hunt! What a great honeymoon!

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