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Help! It’s the Big Cahoona!

McQuinnBy Donna McQuinn

Ten years ago, Quinton’s dad thought he’d killed the pond on his grandpa’s property. All the fish had died, or so we thought. No one fished in the pond, no one threw a line in, and no one restocked the pond. But strange things can happen.  

Last year Quinton’s uncle Marvin bought him his very first fishing rod—a brand new Zebco. All year, Quinton had been practicing casting with a weight on the end. His dad and I had taken him to Lake Cicott a few times, and he’d been catching small bluegills.

Then, in late June, Quinton and his dad were spending the day together. They’d gone to the river but caught nothing, so they came back home, regrouped and planned to head to Lake Cicott.

His dad said, “Ya know what? Let’s go try grandpa’s pond. Maybe we can catch some minnows for bait.”

Not long after that I received a phone call from Quinton’s dad. “You’re not gonna believe this,” he said. “We just caught two nice largemouth bass! Quinton threw a bobber and hook with a night crawler on, and they hit as the bobber hit the water. He was so excited!”

When they came home I couldn't believe my eyes. They had caught five largemouth bass from the pond in a 10 minute time period. We all gathered up and went back down to grandpa’s pond. Quinton’s sister Cortney threw in a bobber and hook, and Quinton threw in the same. Bang! The bass were hitting as their lines hit the water. It was the craziest thing we had ever seen.

Then a big one hit. Quinton was yelling for his dad, “It's the Big Cahoona! Help, he's gonna pull me in!”

We knew it was big when we saw the fishing pole bowing over like a horseshoe. Quinton’s grandpa put his pole down and went running while Quinton’s dad coached as he reeled in the Big Cahoona. When he got him to shore, Quinton’s grandpa had to reach and get it for him at the water’s edge.

We were all so excited. Our 7-year old son caught a 4 1/2-pound largemouth bass with his daddy from his grandpa’s pond that had not been fished for 10 years. It was a moment that his dad and I will always cherish, and Quinton has a great memory and a fish story to tell for the rest of his life.

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