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Hand Warmer, Rubber Band & Tink's Trick

Hand Warmer, Rubber Band and Tink's Trick

By Carl Harris

Here's a little trick I like to use during the rut, especially on cold days.

It's really easy and will help you conserve your liquid scents, saving you money in the end.

I like to take a hand warmer, like a HotHands pad, and secure it to my bottle of Tink's attractant with a rubber band.

Before I get close to my stand, or sometimes before I leave the house, I go ahead and activate the hand warmer and secure it with the rubber band around the bottle so I don't have to fool with it in the dark. Sometimes it takes a little while for the hand warmer to get going, so this also gives your set up a head start.

When I get to my treestand, I place my bundle in a likely spot for the wind to carry the scent away from me, but toward the deer. I sit it up in a way so that the bottle will remain upright on the forest floor, standing up all by itself. Then I remove the cap and let the heat from the pad do the rest.

The heat pad causes the scent to rise from the bottle without the need to disperse very much of your precious liquid. The hand warmer's effectiveness generally lasts at least five hours, and, of course, doesn't require batteries.

I believe the heated scent smells more natural and intense than cold scent, like an odor rising from a warm, living deer.

Why pour away your scents when you can get better results by adding a rubber band and hand warmer? Give it a try. I hope it will help you take a great buck!

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