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Halloween Buck

MilinskiBy Brian Milinski

-- I was hunting on some family land in Leon County, Texas, with anticipation of taking a buck. However, I never thought that on Halloween I would receive a "treat" as big as this one. A week before the harvest, we found some promising scrapes and hung our stands in high traffic areas near bedding and feeding areas. On the day of the hunt, the morning was slow though the bucks had just begun to chase does in the area that week.

My hunting partner radioed me to let me know he had seen a huge buck chasing a doe just out of bow range and that I needed to keep an eye out. The morning progressed with just one sighting of a young 6-point buck, which walked directly under my stand.

By 10:15 a.m. I stood up, removed my facemask and hung my bow on a hook to load my backpack. I stowed my arrows along with my release and the rest of my gear in the pack. As my boot reached the first step, I heard a loud sound from behind me. Slowly, I looked over my shoulder to see a 10-point buck working a scrape with purpose - the buck had no clue I was nearly on top of it. 
Eventually, the buck turned and walked toward me. The stare down began!

I did not have any headgear on and remained motionless. Finally, the buck decided to turn and walk up a hill. I managed to pull myself together and ready my gear for the shot. I drew back and waited for the buck to reach a clearing 25 yards away.

Luckily the buck stopped when I let out a grunt. The arrow cut the air and passed through its lungs. The 10-pointer dropped just 30 yards away from the point of impact.

I felt blessed that day to hunt with good friends and to take a healthy 10-point buck in an area where we do not get many opportunities to take big deer with bows.
Brian Milinski
Stafford, Texas

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