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Give Rain the Boot

Give Rain the Boot

By Harley Trumbo

Last spring Missouri's turkey season was an unusually wet one. Two days in particular, it poured heavily all day. 

I am a bit of a diehard turkey hunter, so I stayed out in the downpour. By afternoon, I could feel water sloshing inside my boots. When I got back to my truck, I poured out a cup of water from each boot.

Back at camp, I hung up all my clothes and used an oscillating fan to help dry them out, but I still had the problem of my saturated boots.  

I always bring along old newspapers when I go hunting or camping. At the end of each day, I wad up individual pages of the paper and stuff them down into my boot toes and continue packing more paper until the boots are stuffed to the rim.

This trick has always worked by wicking perspiration out of the boot, and transferring excess moisture to the paper.

This time, I had my doubts because the insides of my boots were completely soaked. I went ahead and did my usual routine with the wadded up newsprint and was surprised to find my boots were dry the next morning!

Newspapers are cheap, plentiful and work well for this trick, so don't let rain and the fear of wet footwear confine you to camp.

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