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Getting It Right!

Tip of the Week
Ground blinds are becoming increasingly popular with bowhunters for many reasons. You can use a ground blind in locations devoid of climbable trees, they tend to hold in scent and they keep out the elements, just to name a few advantages.

If you plan to use a ground blind, however, don't assume you can just set it up and begin shooting accurately right away. There is an art to moving around in a ground blind, and its even more difficult to draw a bow and shoot it accurately. If you plan to hunt from a ground blind this year, set it up in the backyard and shoot some targets from it. Try and mimic the environment within the blind as much as possible, If you're going to be seated use the same chair or stool, whatever you might have in the blind with you on the hunt, practice with it. While doing so, try to imagine a big buck is within 20 yards, possibly with a doe or two, and see if you think you can get off a shot without being detected. Planning ahead and practicing can make the world of difference when that big buck presents itself in the woods.

Reader Tip of the Week: "Proper Fit"
No matter if you're a beginner or a Pro, make sure and get the right equipment for your frame. I tried unsuccessfully for years to kill a deer with a bow but until I bit the bullet & purchased one of the new smaller, lighter bows that actually fits me I never did. It was so worth the investment. With all the other challenges of bow hunting the last thing you need to do is fight your equipment. Visit your local archery shop and be fitted for the proper equipment and let them show you something that might fit your budget. It will be well worth it in the end. -- Krissy :-)

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