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Barnett RAZR

For the past several years Barnett Crossbows V.P. and Director David Barnett has been secretly working on a new design that would forever change the crossbow market. That design has morphed into what is now known as the Barnett RAZR, the most innovative and technologically advanced crossbow on the market.

The RAZR is the perfect marriage of efficiency, speed, balance and at a mere 6.4 pounds it might seem surprising that this feature packed bow can still product speeds up to 400 fps. The industry’s FIRST full carbon stock paired with Barnett’s proprietary Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), drastically reduces weight while it’s titanium side torque plates ensures long lasting strength second to none. The reverse cam system allows an increase in speed and power stroke, while not extending the overall length of the bow. To keep everything balanced, the RAZR has a retractable underarm support system that adds counterbalance stability to the rear of the bow, giving it the most balanced feel of any crossbow on the market.

If it’s the attention to details that set a bow apart from competition, the Razor is light years ahead. The RAZR’s redesigned quiver encapsulates the hunter’s broadheads to protect them from becoming damaged when not in use. Rather than being parallel to the limbs, the quiver now runs along the side of the stock, keeping it out of the way and offering easier access to the arrows.

Being prepared for just about anything seems to be engrained in every hunter’s mind. Taking that into account, we designed a skinning knife that is magnetically attached to the bottom side of the stock. And for the hunter who is always prepared, the RAZR comes standard with an extra set of strings and cables stored in the underside of the foregrip. For the hunter that wants to shoot a smaller grain arrow in order to maximize speed, the RAZR comes with a second set of flight tracks specifically made for the smaller diameter arrow.

• Ultralight CRT (Carbonlite) riser.
• Carbon stock with titanium side torque plates (CST).
• Reverse cam cystem.
• Retractable underarm counterbalance support.
• Integrated skinning knife.
• Adjustable flight tracks.
• Barnett custom composite laminated limbs.
• ADF (Anti Dry Fire) trigger safety system.
• MIM (Metal Injection Mold) tight tolerance trigger.
• CNC machined aluminum flight track.
• CNC machined 7/8” picatinny rail.
• CROSSWIRE string and cable system.
• Barnett Talon crossbow sling.
• Rope cocking device included.
• Allows for the integration of a crank cocking device.
• Adjustable cheek piece.
• Finger reminders and pass through foregrip.

• 6.4 lbs.
• 34.75” length.
• 19.5” width.
• 22” arrow length.
• 400 fps.
• 185 lb draw weight.
• 142 ft. lbs energy.
• 16” power stroke.
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