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The Lift Kit

High Oaks Hunter introduces a revolutionary new way for hunters who use climbing stands to attach their gun or bow to the front safety rail of the stand itself.

The Lift Kit will change the way hunters have done things for so long, and will change your cumbersome routine, too.

This innovative device eliminates the need to pull your weapon up with a rope, risking tangle, clanging and the danger of rope breakage.

The Lift Kit enables hunters to simply attach their weapons to the climbing stand itself (the front safety rail, never the sides), which also eliminates the added chance of getting busted by deer watching you struggle to lift weapons with a rope.

No more having to lay your gun or bow on the ground while you climb, which eliminates getting dirt, leaves and moisture from the forest floor on your valuable gun or bow.

The Lift Kit itself is incredibly light, but the added weight of a gun or bow actually helps keep tension on the top portion of your climbing stand during those moments when you have to stand up. This added leverage actually increases climbing safety by decreasing the chance of stand slippage.

The Lift Kit is available for the following climber models:

Summit (Goliath, Viper & Viper Elite)
Ol’ Man (Pre-2012 Stands or Multivision)
API (All Except Magnum)

MSRP: $49.99

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