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C-EZ Highly Reflective Decals

There’s an exciting feeling of anticipation when settling into your stand to await daylight on a cool fall morning. Such days are made even better when they end with finding a blood-covered arrow just after dark. Thanks to a new product from C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products, accomplishing both those tasks just got a lot easier.

With C-EZ decals, your stands, arrows and virtually any hunting gear that will hold a sticker can become a glowing beacon when hit with a flashlight.

“The best way to start any hunt is to walk in and easily find your treestand,” said C-EZ decal inventor Jamie McCarty. “Fumbling around in the dark looking for a stand is not only stressful, it creates more scent in your hunting area. I’ve been able to see my stands from more than 80 yards away with these decals. If your flashlight hits one, you’ll know immediately. They make it easy to find your stand and get settled in quietly and with as little scent as possible.”

An avid bowhunter, McCarty also wanted a way to find arrows in the dark whether dropped from a quiver or shot through a big buck.

“I know plenty of guys who use lighted nocks, and that’s great,” he said. “I wanted something that didn’t cost a fortune, didn’t rely on batteries, would fit any arrow and wouldn’t change the weight or front-of-center of my setup. I created the C-EZ arrow strips for my own use, and any time someone sees them, they just have to have some.”

Weighing just 1.5 grains, the small C-EZ arrow strips put off a reflective glow far surpassing their diminutive size. Just wrap a strip around shaft before or behind the fletching and it will light up like a Christmas tree when hit with a flashlight.

They’re also great for sticking on gear like cell phones, deer calls, knives or anything else you’re likely to drop.

“It’s one of those common sense things where hunters are going to say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” McCarty said. “And I priced them so they’re a no-brainer.”

C-EZ reflective decals sell for $9.99 per pack. Each pack includes eight treestand or gear decals, 20 arrow or small gear decals and one large gear or window decal (29 decals total).

C-EZ highly reflective decals will help you Find What You’re Looking For. Buy Now!
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