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Yamaha - EF2400iSHC Generator

The EF2400iSHC generator from Yamaha is compact, lightweight and quiet while still powerful, reliable and with low emission - perfect for hunting camp, powering equipment or as back-up during a power outage.

From small power tools to appliances, the Yamaha EF2400iSHC starts equipment faster and allows them to run longer thanks to High Current technology and special Field Effect Transistors in the electronic controller. A powerful 171cc engine and Yamaha's industry leading Smart Throttle, which automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the load, allow the EF2400iSHC to run at a slower engine speed resulting in quieter running and maximum fuel efficiency - up to 8.6 hours at 1/4-capacity load on one tank of fuel.

To ensure the EF2400iSHC retains its portability - a mere 75 pounds - without sacrificing strength or reliability, a die cast aluminum frame and aluminum flywheel was used. Additionally, the EF2400iSHC has an actual noise level range of only 53~60 decibels (quieter than normal speech) - giving consumers a lightweight, quiet running and durable generator.

The EF2400iSHC uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to produce high-quality electricity, which is as clean if not cleaner than the power supplied by public utility companies. PWM also allows consumers to confidently power computers, variable speed power tools and appliances with built-in computer functions - perfect for charging cell phones and other sensitive electronics.

A single side-mounted control panel that puts all controls on one surface and a detachable rear panel for easy access to service and maintenance points make the EF2400iSHC easy to use and maintain. The EF24000iSHC meets the strictest emission standards in the country making it legal in all 50 states.


• Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine durability ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
• Gasoline petcock lets you shut off the gas to run the carb dry for storage and helps prevent stale gas problems.
• Fuel gauge allows fuel level to be seen at-a-glance.
• This model boasts High Current output which is designed specifically to increase motor starting capability and to improve air conditioner starting. This High Current model starts most high efficiency 13,500 btu AC in temperatures up to 110° F.
• The EF2400iSHC has an aluminum die-cast frame, combined with an aluminum TCI rotor and other weight-saving measures to provide a powerful and compact generator weighing only 75 pounds.
• The EF2400iSHC uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to produce high-quality electricity comparable to the power supplied by public utilities. Use this generator with confidence as a power source for microcomputer-controlled appliances and other devices with built-in computer functions.
• Yamaha's Smart Throttle feature automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load. The result is quiet running, maximum fuel efficiency, and a run time of 8.6 hours at 1/4-capacity load.
• Yamaha's Oil Watch Warning System helps prevent engine damage from low oil and provides added peace of mind.
• Features:
• High Current output - Increased motor starting capability and improved air conditioner starting. This High Current model starts high efficiency 13,500 btu AC in temperatures up to 110° F.
• Pulse Width Modulation - Provides power that is as clean, or cleaner than commercial power.
• Smart Throttle feature - Adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load
• Oil Watch Warning system - Prevents engine damage caused by low oil, avoiding costly repairs and minimizing down time, adding customer confidence and peace of mind
• OHV engine - Improved efficiency, increased reliability, quieter operation
• Compact and lightweight - Easy portability
• Versatile power in the silent, 2000-watt class - Will run most 13,500 btu RV air conditioners, microwave/convection ovens, or even the biggest hair blow dryer
• Engine speed at full load (2400 watts) is only 3400 rpm - Quiet operation
• Cast iron cylinder liner - Provides long engine life and consistent performance during continuous use
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