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IQ Micro Bowsight

The IQ Bowsight was a true game changer when it was introduced two seasons ago, giving bowhunters the ability to shoot longer distances and more accurately, even without a peep sight.

For 2013, IQ has introduced the Micro Bowsight, adding tool-free micro windage and elevation adjustment knobs and .019 Stack Tight Pins.

The sight’s Retina Lock instant feedback technology creates muscle memory, leading to better form and consistency. If you torque your bow and your anchor point is off by a quarter inch, your shot can be off by more than 10 inches at 40 yards. With an IQ sight, you simply center the dot  (located in the sight housing) for a perfect shot every time.

The IQ Micro Bowsight has a built-in level, second axis adjustment and is available in three-, five- and seven-pin models, right- and left-hand.

IQ guarantees you’ll increase range and confidence, or your money back.
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