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Friday the 13th is my Lucky Day

KidwellBy Steve Kidwell

-- While bowhunting in Central Ohio one fall morning, I didn't know this day would be one of my best whitetail hunts ever. On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1990, I sat on my stand watching a big buck chasing does from daylight until 11 a.m. Finally, the buck made its way to my stand. I made a shot on the buck. I gathered some hunting friends together and looked for the buck. We could not find it. My friends and I did not see the buck the rest of that season.

The next hunting season came and there was no sign of the big buck at all. Then, during the second week of November, my wife and I drove down the road where I hunted and that buck was again chasing does around the perimeter of the field. I knew this was the same buck because I recognized its rack.

The next day, I grabbed a stand and went to the field where I had seen him the night before. While going toward the field, I noticed the buck was in the edge of the woods where I wanted to put a stand. I immediately put the stand on the ground and left. Before leaving, I looked at trees to see where I would put the stand. As night came, I grabbed the stand and hung it where I saw the buck earlier that day.
Thursday, Nov. 12, came and I sat on the stand all day, but never saw the buck. I was scheduled for work the next day, but decided to take a vacation day instead. Friday the 13th arrived, and I got to the stand before daylight. I could hear a buck grunting in the woods as I climbed into the stand. As daylight emerged, I noticed movement coming to my right. It was the buck, and it was passing my stand at 40 yards. 

I grunted and the buck headed in my direction. He was going to pass behind the stand.  Just then, the buck jumped back and headed the other way. I turned around, with grunt tube still in mouth, came to full draw and placed the arrow right behind the left shoulder. 

The buck ran 80 yards and collapsed. I rushed to the buck and thanked the Lord for giving me the opportunity to shoot such a nice whitetail buck. The Buckeye Big Buck Club scored the buck at an impressive 172 4/8 and it had 17 scoreable points. I will never forget this hunt.

Steve Kidwell
Heath, Ohio

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