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C.j. Becher
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Brian Flowers and son Trevor Flowers
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Jay Price

By Mike Handley

The owner of an auto body shop in Baxter Springs, Kan., unwittingly discovered the truth behind crop circles last month, much to the chagrin of believers in UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Jay Price witnessed the phenomenon in a Cherokee County soybean field on Oct. 3, and the experience left him weak-kneed and unable to perform even the simplest of tasks.

The culprit was a deer, specifically a very large buck with a very large hole in it.

"As soon as the arrow hit, that deer started doing somersaults," the 32-year-old businessman claims. "It ran between 60 and 80 yards out into the beans and just started rolling around, really tearing them up, like somebody on a four-wheeler was cutting doughnuts."

As soon as the giant whitetail ran out of gas, it sank out of sight into the beans, which is when Jay thought he'd messed up and shot the "wrong" deer. He hadn't taken the time to really study the rack before the shot, and there was no time to ogle it afterward.

Wrong, in this case, meant the smaller of two shooter bucks he'd seen a couple of days earlier while scouting with a buddy.

His fears, however, were unwarranted. With a composite score of 228 3/8 (210 without the spread) the 22-pointer is No. 19 among Sunflower State Irregulars felled by compound bow.

I'll share the rest of the story in Rack magazine next summer.

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