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Fishing For Bucks?

Fishing For Bucks?

By Anthony Prohaska

We often think of fishermen as hunters seeking game in the water, but why not reverse this way of thinking?

I like to bring my Ugly Stik ice fishing rod into the treestand with me. Some of you might think this is a weird tactic, but it works.

Attach a sinker to your fishing line, along with a rag or commercial scent pod soaked in buck lure, then cast it into areas where you think a buck might come across the trail. Reel it back in and you have just created a scent trail without walking over the place where you don't want to leave human scent.

I also allow the scent-soaked "lure" to drag behind me as I walk to my treestand to serve as a drag-rag. Every so often I'll freshen up the rag, and make more casts as needed throughout the day.

This tactic also works well on field edges, cutovers, fire lanes, swamps and snowmobile trails-wherever you want to leave a scent trail from a distance.

Most ice fishing rods are about two feet long and are short enough to stick in your backpack without being too cumbersome. You can buy an ice rod/spinning reel combo fairly inexpensively.

And if you get snagged, simply break the line, tie on a new sinker and scent rag, then cast again.

Hopefully, this tip will help you reel in a big 'un!

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