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Find A Location For A Quick-Dash Hunt

Whitetail DeerOne of a buck's best defenses is having quick escape routes that offer fast and concealed exits from approaching hunters.

Many good hunters key in on those escape routes to bag smart old bucks as they get pressured by other hunters -- but that's not what this week's tip is about.

Just as a buck needs that fast-dash exit, hunters need a fast-dash hunting location. For most deer hunters, their prime hunting locations are some distance from home or work and require some drive and preparation time in order to get there. But if you really want to maximize your hunting season, you need an alternate plan.

The first thing to do is find a hunting location within 15 minutes of your home or work. It doesn't have to be a giant woodland -- just anything big enough to safely provide the type of hunting you are doing. Some of the most ideal locations are any of the special-regulation primitive weapon areas many states are establishing in the suburbs.

The key is to be able to get there and be on stand within a half hour, give or take. In many cases these locations will have a non-traditional hunting atmosphere -- maybe near a factory, housing developments or even a local Wal-Mart -- but they often hold monster bucks since they're overlooked by most hunters.

Check Out Our Video TipsWhen you consider that hunting season only happens for a short time each year, why not take advantage of every possible minute you can? Start looking now for your quick-dash hunt location.

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