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Field Glasses Hat Trick

Field Glasses Hat Trick

By Roger Bouch

Here's a tip many hunters from east of the Mississippi might not know about.

I'm from Oregon, and I've noticed other hunters from the western United States use this trick frequently because long range hunting requires holding binoculars steady and trying to glass game at long distances.

When holding your binoculars or field glasses to your eyes, your arms will fatigue and begin to shake fairly quickly. This can happen anytime you have to hold up your binoculars for extended periods of time, even at close range.

Try this the next time you are glassing and wearing a cap with a bill: Pull the bill down snugly, then wrap your index fingers around the sides of the bill and use your thumbs to cradle the binoculars.

Your head and these added points of contact will stabilize your field glasses immediately and you won't tire nearly as fast.

I can't believe how many hunters have never heard of this simple hat trick. If you try it once, you'll never hold binoculars the same again!

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