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Social Media Offers Hunters Advantages and Solidarity in Uncertain Times

I remember the first time I heard about Facebook. It was sometime around 2007 when one of my hunting buddies called to ask if I had an account.

He said he wanted to "friend" me.

After I finished laughing and asked him if he was late for his Girl Scout meeting, I told him our hunting club was going to nickname him Spaz and buy him a pocket protector for his bullets. Sorry, buddy, count me out.

But times change.

A couple of years later, I caved to the urgings of some old classmates and I signed up for my own Facebook page. At first, I considered it silly and a huge time-waster. But after only a few days, my perception of social media completely changed.

I couldn't believe how many other hunters were Facebookers. Soon I reconnected with a childhood friend whom I hadn't seen since we were ten, and I discovered he'd become a big time hunter over the span of 40 years. With the click of a few buttons, we enjoyed each other's hunting photo albums from Africa, Canada and North America. Amazing!

But there were many other advantages, too. This high-tech redneck soon found Facebook to be an invaluable way of keeping up with extended family, outfitters, locating long-lost friends, sending prayer requests, talking sports and meeting fellow fishermen and hunters.

Last February, I was named Buckmasters Social Media Director, and now I actually get paid to post on Facebook/Twitter several times a day. Can you believe that?

Talk about irony.

Many offices are encouraging employees to surf social media these days where it wasn't long ago that Facebook, Twitter and Myspace were completely forbidden or blocked. The corporate world discovered it helps businesses keep tabs on customer needs, as well as the competition. I've got no argument with that.

Web-savvy hunters are benefiting greatly from Facebook by swapping hunts with new friends and finding discounted hunting trips through outfitter pages.

They're also winning prizes from industry giveaways, and keeping up with the latest products, all at the low cost of a "like."

At Buckmasters we try to make our Facebook page a fun and informative place by posting the latest big buck news, great recipes, fun questions, helpful tips, important legislation and the hottest stories linked from

Facebook and social media truly are a new frontier and incredibly valuable resource for hunters. I also believe this to be just one more way we as hunters can form a solidarity in these uncertain times.

If you haven't visited our page yet, please click on over and join the fun. We hope you "like" what you see!

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