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Evergreen Cover Scent

Evergreen Cover Scent

By John Shepherd

One I have found that using cover scents from trees growing naturally in the area where I hunt works very well at masking human odors.

Evergreens, such as cedars and pine trees, grow commonly here in the Carolinas, so that's what I like to use.

As I head to my stand, I break off several small branches and crush the needles, then rub the leafy parts on my clothing, safety belt and even my cap and backpack. The resin and oils from the evergreen leaves can be smelled immediately.

I believe this sometimes works as well as, if not better than, some of the cover scents you spend a lot of money on. If you accidentally left your bottle of cover spray at home, this tactic works in a pinch.

Also, you'll want to use gloves to do this or your hands will get gummy and sticky.

Editor's Note: Pine trees grow everywhere in the areas I hunt in Alabama. I've been rubbing pine needles on my clothes for decades, but I like to use them in addition to scent-killing sprays, cover scents, as well as wearing Scentlok clothing. I like to use every tool in my arsenal against a deer's nose. - Tim H. Martin/Buckmasters Online Editor

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