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End of the Season Teardown

End of the Season TeardownSave your tree stands and the tree in which it lives.

Safety in the woods using lock-on stands is paramount. At the end of the season if you are leaving your lock-on platform attached in the tree along with your climbing sticks, make sure and loosen the binders. If they are chain or cable loosen them to let the tree continue to grow and avoid the chain or cable from biting into the trunk. Growth of the tree will not only break or damage your binders if left tight, but will also kill the trees.

If you are using a strap type binder it is best to remove it and keep it protected from the off season elements to prevent rotting and chewing and gnawing from smaller game. Always check metal binders and strap type binders for integrity before using the stand again in the fall. Also make sure when you head back out this fall, if you indeed did leave your stand in a tree to make sure and check all components of the stand before the next season begins.

Check Out Our Video TipsIn addition to making sure your stand is in good safe condition, always remember to also use a safety harness to prevent catastrophic accidents from ruining your hunt and your life.

--John C. Voris / Arkansas