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Eleven Must Be Lucy's Lucky Number!

Lucy Smith

Father and daughter celebrate Veteran's Day with first buck

By Henley Smith (Lucy's Father)

On 11/11/11, at age 11, my daughter Lucy Smith went hunting with me in Camden, Ala. We were in search of her first buck, and her weapon of choice was a crossbow.

We set up in a ground blind on the downwind side of a food plot.

The wind was perfect and we saw three young bucks early, but none of them ever presented a shot.

At 3:45 p.m., Lucy spotted a big 8-pointer coming onto the field. Three spikes and two does came along with it.

It took the buck a slow 20 minutes to feed across the field and come within a comfortable range of Lucy's crossbow.

When it was 40 yards away, we thought we only needed for it to turn broadside in order to get a shot, but a doe suddenly stood between the buck and us. It was very frustrating.

Lucy SmithWhen I leaned over in my chair to see exactly where the buck was located, my chair touched Lucy's chair and made a noise.

The doe immediately ran and the buck turned and looked our way. Unbelievably, this gave Lucy the perfect shot!

I whispered to Lucy, "Shoot him." She immediately touched the trigger.

The bolt hit the buck low in the ribs and it wobbled out of the field.

The broadhead did not pass completely through and the bolt, along with a lot of fat, clogged up the entry hole. This prevented the wound from bleeding, and we found no blood trail at all.

But after some searching, our good friend Terry Moton found Lucy's trophy less than 30 yards out of the field.

Her massive old 8-pointer scored 117 1/8" BTR official and 134 4/8" Composite (with the spread added) in the Crossbow, Perfect category. The old buck weighed 185 pounds.

Lucy was one excited young lady and, as you can tell, I am one very proud Father!

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