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Election Sign Target Holder

Election Sign Target Holder

Submitted by: Joseph "Ski" Sikorski

One of the cheapest and easiest target holders I’ve found is a small election sign. I’m talking about the kind with metal frame and slide-in signs made of corrugated plastic.

To use, make sure you have a safe backstop, then push the metal stakes into the ground and attach your target to the plastic sign.

If you don't have a stick-on target decal to apply to the sign, I've found thumbtacks to work very well in holding my targets in place.

Election signs are lightweight, easy to transport and are great for plinking or sighting in your hunting rifle. They are flat, which makes them easily stacked and stored in your garage.

Check Out Our Video Tips!You can pick them up in your local sign shop, or just wait until a few days after an election. Usually there are plenty available from candidates who didn't clean up after the vote (like they were supposed to).

With this being a presidential election year, there are sure to be dozens of unclaimed sign frames at intersections throughout your town.

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