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Easy Casings Cleanup

Easy Casings Cleanup

By Grayson Albers

I much prefer target practice on a friend’s property rather than paying to use a private range or waiting my turn at a public range.

My friends are kind enough to allow me to practice on their place, and appreciate me not leaving garbage or brass behind. Cleanup is easy enough to do with trash, but it’s often difficult to find all the empty shells ejected while practicing, especially with semi-automatics, pistols and rimfire weapons that spray a lot of brass.

I have found a simple tarp makes a cheap and effective piece of equipment for catching my brass.

Just spread it out and stand on it when shooting from the standing position.

When shooting from a bench or in the prone position, test your landing zone by firing a couple of rounds to see where they fall. Then, spread the tarp out accordingly to catch the remainder of your flying brass.

Using a tarp also keeps the casings clean and dirt free for reloading purposes.

You can also use a second tarp to lie on when shooting in the prone position and you’ll keep your clothes, knees and elbows from getting dirty.

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