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Duct Tape - An Old Army Tip

Duct Tape - An Old Army Tip

By Todd Davis

I learned a lot about how to stay quiet while I was in the Army.

In the field, we constantly refined our equipment in ways that allowed us to move silently, without giving away our position to the enemy.

Today's backpacks are usually covered with a number of buckles, D-Rings and pulls. As you walk, all the added bells and whistles tend to jangle and slap against the pack, making unwanted noise and alerting game to your location.

Ever had a buckle ding against the metal of a climbing stand or the rungs of a metal ladder? I think we probably all have at one time or another.

In the Army, we learned how to cut strips of camouflage duct tape to cover or secure anything that could possibly make noise or get hung up.

Duct tape acts as an insulating cushion and deadens the sounds produced by a buckle banging against metal.

Check Out Our Video Tips!When it comes to strap material being too long, we would either cut off excess portions of the strap or roll up the strap and secure with duct tape. This prevented them from snagging on a branch or getting caught in something, which happens all the time in the deer woods.

Little things like this can help you travel to and from your treestand undetected.

Keep a small roll of duct tape in your backpack, preferably a camouflage type, and use it in the field for a multitude of purposes. It's scent-free and doesn't take up much room, yet it can be one of the most useful items in your pack.

If duct tape works for the soldiers in the field, it'll work for you, too.

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