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Driving in the Thick Stuff

LyonBy Caleb Lyon

-- During the late muzzleloader season in central Iowa, Pete Lyon took this 141 5/8-inch 11-point buck on a deer drive. We were pushing a small section of timber towards Rob, a stander, when I jumped the buck and a couple of does. The buck ran within 50 yards of Pete, and he dropped it with a 245-grain 50-caliber slug.

While Pete began reloading his muzzleloader, the buck stood up and trotted away, leaving only a very small blood trail behind. We began following the trail, which lead to a patch of timber. I stayed on the trail while Pete and Rob circled to wait for the buck to emerge on the far side of the timber.

After a little bit of waiting, the wounded buck, about 20 does and a couple of other nice bucks came out of the timber. Pete’s buck stood broadside at about 70 yards. He shot the buck again, and it instantly fell over.

Pete began reloading his muzzleloader and in doing so dropped his last slug in the grass. While he was s digging through the grass to find it, the buck stood up again and walked back into the timber from which it had emerged. When the buck re-entered the woods, I was able to watch the deer until it disappeared in a little patch of horseweed at the edge of the timber. We decided to let the buck alone for a couple of hours to see if the shots put into it would be enough to finish it.

We returned to the timber about three hours later. Rob and I decided to walk through the woods towards Pete, who was on stand on the horseweed patch side of the timber.

We saw no sign of life while walking through the timber. Soon, I entered the horseweed patch, and Rob stayed behind. The patch was so thick that I walked within 20 feet of the buck before seeing it lying beside a log.

I yelled, "Here he is!"

Rob yelled back, "Is it dead?"

I took a couple of more steps towards the buck, and it stood up I put the finishing shot into the deer from about 15 feet, and answered Rob, "Now it is."

An examination of the buck showed that both of Pete’s bullets had landed within 2 inches of each other at very top of the buck’s shoulder.

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