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Double Up On Scent-Lok

Double Up On Scent-Lok

By Wes Fox

You can say what you want to say about scent-elimination clothing, but I honestly believe if used correctly, these products can really help hunters fool a deer's nose.

For some time now, I've been doubling up on my Scent-Lok clothing. I like to do this especially when bowhunting for whitetails, and I have noticed I've been able to see more deer at close range, with fewer incidents of them spooking.

For instance, last October I was wearing two lightweight Scent-Lok suits when I arrowed a really nice 150-class 10-pointer.

That big buck walked directly downwind from me and I'm certain it should have scented me, but it didn't. It never knew I was there!

Since our hunting group has started doubling up on our scent-elimination clothing, we have noticed a difference when using this simple trick and it has helped us avoid detection from many bucks that have come within close range.

If your favorite maker of scent-elimination clothing offers base layers, that is also just one more layer to help keep your human odor to a minimum.

Once you try doubling up, you'll probably find yourself doing this from now on.

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