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Brian Miller

By Mike Handley

Brian Miller knew a shooter buck was among the many deer gallivanting inside the little pine thicket. At least three bucks, in fact (the other two were forkhorns), and 10 does had entered the copse during the two hours he'd been aloft in his ladder stand on Nov. 29, 2012.

Soon after the last trio wafted into the trees, all the deer began shuffling around in there while Brian frantically scanned the gaps for a head with antlers. When the 48-year-old oil deliveryman spotted a rack, he raised his scoped shotgun for a better look.

What appeared in his optics was so outlandish that he lowered his gun and closed his eyes for a second.

"I couldn't believe ... refused to believe ... what I saw," he said. "But it was still there when I opened my eyes."

Even though he was looking at the back of the buck's head, Brian could tell it was a fabulous specimen, far bigger than anything he, his father and brother had seen in the three years they'd leased that 17-acre tract on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

When deer began filtering out of the thicket and walking toward a nearby pond, the lead doe passed within 20 yards, as did the second one. The third deer in line was the enormous buck.

After the kaboom, the deer fled toward the pond and ran over a canoe and two aluminum boats TWICE, and then Brian lost sight of it. The racket must've sounded like the local high school's drum corps.

The ruckus caused Brian's brother, who was hunting nearby, to yell "What was that noise?" He thought Brian might've fallen from his stand.

Maryland's Eastern Shore has long been considered one of the East Coast's most consistent producers of big bucks. Brian's 16-pointer is proof that the region's genetics and groceries are still throwing out world-class whitetails.

The deer hasn't been taped for the BTR yet, but it's a safe bet the composite score will exceed the 200-inch mark. The complete story will appear in RACK magazine next fall.

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