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Don't Skimp On The Big Three

Bowhunters: Don't Skimp On Big Three

By Justin Dishion

There are areas of hunting where I'll settle for less, but not so with my archery gear - especially the big three: my bow, arrows and broadheads.

Broadheads: This might be the most important component of an archer's equipment because it's the first object to make contact with a deer. I will spend the extra cash to make sure I'm using a quality model that's sharp, flies well with my bow/arrow setup, and proven to bring down game as quickly as possible.

Arrows: Although more expensive than aluminum, carbon arrows have proven to be superior to aluminum, and worth the extra money. Not only do their decreased diameters increase speed, but they're much more resilient and forgiving than aluminum. Just let the airline luggage handler mash your aluminum arrows through a bow case one time and you won't mind buying carbon.

Bows: Bow choice is such a personal thing. Buy one that's comfortable for you, and don't let public opinion, your buddy's advice or slick advertising effect your judgment. Go to several bow shops and try different models. Find one you can be confident with that will shoot carbon arrows at least 240 feet per second. You'll want it to be lightweight, well balanced and have adjustable let-offs.

Editor's Note: I agree with Justin's advice about not skimping once you find a bow/arrow/broadhead combination you've bonded with. But, it all adds up quickly for the pocketbook, including all the add-on features. Use birthdays, anniversaries and other gift occasions to hint about items such as sights, releases and other goodies. It might take a couple years to build that dream bow, but start with the big three and get your foundation right. You'll forget about the extra money when that buck of a lifetime steps into range. - Tim H. Martin/Buckmasters Online Editor

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