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Dog Food Bag Archery Target

Dog Food Bag Archery Target

By Scooter Steele

Here's a great way to construct archery targets for field-tipped arrows by using empty dog food bags.

You'll need two large dog food bags, the type that have an inside lining reinforced with plastic or a fiber grid, not just the paper kind.

Open the first bag and fill it with old sheets, T-shirts or any other type of cotton fabric material. Hotels are a good source for old sheets if you don't mind asking a manager.

Tamp the contents tightly into the bag, but not too tightly. If the cotton materials are too firmly compressed, the arrows will be difficult to extract.

Once the bag is filled, roll the end closed and use duct tape or staples to secure it. Turn the second bag upside down and slip it over the first so the openings are on opposite ends. Now duct tape the second bag closed.

You can spray paint bull's-eyes on your target, or leave it plain and stick decal targets on it.

Check Out Our Video Tips!My bow shoots arrows at over 320 fps, and it's probably stopped over a thousand arrows in the course of a summer. It's lasted a while, but now it's time for me to use new bags and make another target.

The thing I like the most is I can usually remove arrows with only two fingers.

I've found this to be the easiest, most effective and cheapest field tip target you can make for yourself.

Please note: This target is for field tips only, not for broadheads!