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Do You Really HAVE to Tune Your Bow?

Whitetail DeerTuning a bow can be a frustrating, time-consuming undertaking, which is why many dedicated bowhunters skip the process entirely. And if your broadheads hit where you are aiming and your arrows enter the target straight, there is no real need to "tune" your bow. But not many bowhunters are lucky enough to set up a bow and have everything in perfect alignment on the first try.

Field points will not tell you what you need to know, so EVERY bowhunter should shoot and test his bow with the broadheads he intends to hunt with. If you consider yourself an ethical hunter, this is not a matter of choice. If your broadheads hit where you are aiming, you can turn your attention to scouting and looking for Mr. Big. If they don't, you have three options: try a different broadhead, move your sight pins to compensate for broadhead flight, or tune your bow.

Trying a different broadhead can work, but it can be an expensive experimentation process which in most cases is merely side-stepping the problem. Many hunters have gone to expandable broadheads to solve their arrow woes, and expandables have come a long way. But expandable broadheads still don't penetrate as well as most fixed-blade heads, plus any properly tuned arrow will fly and penetrate better.

Check Out Our Video TipsMoving your sight pins will work as long as you get consistent patterns with your broadheads; but when the problem is a poorly tuned bow, getting a consistent pattern just isn't possible.

To really solve the problem, start with paper-tuning to help pinpoint what needs to be adjusted on your bow. Don't think you know enough to tune your bow? Visit the Easton website and download their FREE tuning guide. It will walk you through every step in the process and will get you shooting straight.